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The working principle of the five parts of impact crusher

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Author : admin
Date : 2020-07-17

What are parts of impact crusher? What does each part do? What problems should be paid attention to in production and installation? With these questions today, the crushing technical expert of Zhengzhou General Mining Machinery will explain the details and matters needing attention of the components of impact crusher to you.

The five major components of impact crusher include: rotor, hammer, counter board, guide plate, curtain chain.

First, the rotor.Sufficient weight must be provided to meet the requirement of crushing large ore. It divides into integral type - cast steel and composite type - several pieces of cast steel or steel plate. The rotor is the main working part of the impact crusher, and it is rotating at high speed, so it is required to be balanced.

Balance condition:static balance and dynamic balance. If the static and dynamic balance of the rotor is destroyed, a large inertia force and inertia moment will be generated, which will cause the unstable operation of the equipment -- strong vibration, which can damage the main shaft and bearing.

Unbalanced reasons:1. Quality problem of rotor and hammer head ,etc.-- manufacturer's problem. 2. Uneven feeding -- resulting in uneven force of the rotor, uneven wear of hammer head, and damage to balance.

Requirements for the impact crusher:to carry out balancing experiment before production - dynamic and static balance; Feed evenly; When the hammer head is replaced, it is best to change or replace it with symmetry.

Second, the hammer.It is used for striking ore, fixed on rotor and made of high manganese steel.

Fixed with rotor - rigid connection: Screw fixation, clamp plate fixation, wedge fixation. Hammer numbers - according to the size of ore, hardness of ore and length of rotor. If the particle size is large and hard, the number is small, but the weight should be large. Otherwise, the number is large if the crushing ratio is large.

Third, counter board.Form: fold line, circular arc, grid bar, etc. Fold line: simple, low efficiency; Circular arc: high efficiency. The material mostly have vertical collision with the counter board. Grid bar: it has the grading effect; Series: generally two levels, a large scale of three, also with wear-resistant high manganese steel.

Effect:1. Hit the ore that is knocked out by hammer head, rebound the ore and then crushed. In order to obtain a better crushing effect, the surface of the ore and the counter board should be in a straight collision.

           2. Adjust the discharge port, change the clearance between the lower end of the counter board and the rotor, and control the product granularity. Therefore, the upper end of the counter board is mounted on the upper body by hanging shaft hinges. The lower end is suspended on the body by the pull rod bolt or the spring, which is easy to adjust the height of the counter board to change the discharge clearance.

           3, Security effect. When the impact force of the ore exceeds that of the counter board that can withstand, namely, the crushed material makes it too heavy, counter board retreats and rises automatically, which increases the discharge opening, and releases the material. It will not damage other parts, which is very secure.

Fourth, guide plate.Disperse material, evenly feed along the length of rotor. Some are made sieve plate shape, and fine material will go out.

Keep the proper discharge point, the inclined angle of feeding board is generally about 30 degrees.

When α equals to 30 degrees, materials that are first impacted flies to the center of the counter board along the tangential direction of the rotor, and the crushing effect is good.

When α is less than 30 degrees, the discharge point is low. The material flies to the hanging shaft at the upper part of the counter board and strikes the rotor seriously. And the new ore is blocked by the hit ore, which is easy to form the material accumulation.

When α is more than 30 degrees, the discharge point is high. The material flies to the bottom of counter board, which can make it retreat and rise easily. Then the material rushes into the second crushing chamber, which makes the granularity of the first crushing chamber coarsen, and affects the final product particle size.

Fifth, the curtain chain. It can prevent material from flying out of feeding port.






Impact crusher crushes stone by physical ways of beating, knocking and collision. Though the application principle is simple, ingenious design and precise manufacturing process is critical. Unlike other materials, stone crushing has certain difficulty. Impact crusher is composed of a large number of hundreds of parts, with the above 5 examples to make a brief introduction. For enquiry: 0371-67828877.

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